Women’s Health Care Center

Cancer Detection Unit by Rotary Club of Porvorim

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in all urban areas in India. We are witnessing an age shift, and the average age of developing breast cancer has shifted from 50-70 years to 30-50 years, and cancers in the young tend to be more aggressive. Cervical Cancer also, due to insufficient information, often goes undetected until it becomes fatal.

The Rotary Club of Porvorim has setup a Women’s Health Care Center, in association with RG Scientific Enterprises Pvt Ltd, with a mammograpghy unit, in Porvorim. The procurement of the machine has been through a Global Grant Project of The Rotary Foundation. Our Global Partner for this project is Rotary Club of Westtown Goshen , USA. The Center will provide the following facilities.

  •  Conduct camps for awareness for cervical and breast cancer.
  •  Preparation and counseling of women for PAP smear.
  •  Self breast examination taught.
  •  Education on importance of nutrition and hygiene.
  •  PAP smears and mammography.
  •  Gynecological check up.
  •  Oral examination to rule out cancers of mouth.
The Mamography machine at RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital Hospital Porvorim, with Hon Governor of Goa Dr Mridula Sinha

The Rotary Club of Porvorim, 2007 till date, has

  •  conducted more than 50 counseling camps,
  •  had more than 2400 women in attendance at these camps,
  •  had 1600 women undergo PAP smear test,
  •  had 4 women operated for uterus removal,
  •  procured colposcopy equipment for detection of cervix cancer.
  •  Procured Mamography equipment for detection of breast cancer
  •  Provided financial assistance for Radio Therapy for a patient.

Cervical & Breast Cancer Awareness Camp