• 2001-02 -> Rtn. Ravi Gupta -> Club’s Coordinator cum Governor’s Group -> Representative – DG Appreciation award for services as CC cum GGR.
  • 2014-15 -> Rtn. KVS Krishna Kumar -> Assistant Governor -> Special Projects
  • Past Presidents of the Club have been providing their services to the District administration in different capacities from 1998-99 on wards.

Matching Grant and WCS Projects

RC Porvorim had unique distinction of going for Matching Grant Project in the very first year of its inception.This was also the first Matching Grant Project ever by any Rotary Club in Goa. Our Club continued to complete 2 Matching Grant Projects successfully, and the 3rd. Matching Grant Project is in pipeline this year.

We also completed successfully a major WCS Project of providing School Bus to students of El-Shadai Trust.

“Child Development Centre”- Provided Equipment and Material to offer Training program for Teachers on developmental, behaviourial and emotional problems in children and youth.

  • Partner Club – Rotary Club of Rossendale-UK District 1190.
  • Project Amount – US $ 6,840.00.

“Women Healthcare Centre” – Objective: The Rotary Club of Porvorim intends to setup a Women’s Health care Centre, with a cancer detection Unit, in Porvorim. It is proposed to install a Mammography Unit for Breast Examination, along with Ultrasound Facility.

Project Amount – US$ 43,548.00.

TRF Contributions – RC Porvorim has always been in the forefront in making contributions to TRF year after year.

  • Highest per capita contribution in the District to The Rotary Foundation in the very 1st year – 1997-98 – with 5 members becoming PHF in the year – Rtn. Sadanand Sawant,Rtn. Cesar Costa, Rtn. Ravi Gupta, Rtn. Dean D’Cruz and Rtn. Vikas Chodankar.
  • Club is proud to have 1- major donor, 1- PHF level 3, 2- PHF level 2, 4 PHF level 1, 19-PHF and 12-sustaining members.

The centre shall provide following facilities

  • Conduct Camps for awareness for cervical and breast cancer.
  • Preparation and counselling of women for pap smear.
  • Self breast examination taught.
  • Education on importance of nutrition and hygiene.
  • Pap smears.
  • Clinical breast exam.
  • Gynaecological check- up.
  • Oral examination to rule out cancers of mouth

Key Activites

  •  Distribution of School Uniforms to needy Children.
  •  Campaign to eradicate Malaria.
  •  Health Camps for Senior Citizens.
  •  Medical support to needy patients.
  •  Camps for Awareness and detection of Cervical Cancer.
  •  Development of adopted school—Sunandabai Bandodkar High School.
  •  Blood Donation Camps
  •  Pulse Polio Program with ensuring of cold chain and mobile vans to achieve 100% immunization in the area.
  •  RYLA Camps.
  •  Distribution and plantation of Tree saplings.
  •  Quiz/ Essay/Debate/drawing competitions for school children.
  •  Help to Girls Orphanage and home for Senior Citizens.
  •  Drug/ Aids Awareness program for youth.
  •  Career Guidance for Students.
  •  Public Library in Rural area being managed by Physically Challenged Youth.
  •  Activities and support to Physically Challenged children.
  •  Scholarships to Meritorious students.
  •  Recognition of Personalities excelling in their profession.
  •  Helping needy families in rehabilitation.