RC Porvorim is a very vibrant Club with 50 active and enthusiastic members. Anns and Annets are actively involved in Club activities by sharing and shouldering responsibilities to fulfil the Rotary motto of “Service above Self ".

With Club activities on fellowship and family get-togethers—we are truly a cohesive family of 168 members which includes Rotarians, Anns and Annets coming from different walks of life and professions, but having a common objective of giving back to the society.The journey of RC Porvorim has all the elements of excitement and pressures of a 50-over World Cup Cricket match. The Club started with a bang in the initial years with lots of activities including family get-togethers and outings. In the middle, there was a lull with quite a bit of churning of members. Then, with the infusion of new youthful members who brought in fresh ideas and their enthusiasm, propelled the Club into a higher trajectory of community activities, family bonding and growth.

The Club’s first magazine was called PARROT (PARvari ROTarians) –– brought out in 1997-98 on quarterly basis. The name of the magazine subsequently changed to REFLECTION, from 2008. However, this magazine had not been consistently published thereafter, with only one or two issues being released in a year. The year 2014-15 has been the first year where “Reflection“ was consistently published every month, highlighting all the club activities along with other useful information.

The first Club meetings were held at the then Hotel Cajueiro on NH 17 (near Honda showroom). Subsequently, the meeting used to take place at the Angels Resorts. Thereafter, at Rtn. Dean D’Cruz’s office complex in the Defence Colony. Then the Club met at Hotel Majestic till its change of ownership. For a brief period of one year, the Club meetings were also held at Hotel Orion. At present we meet at Club Estadia at PDA Colony.It is interesting to know that the annual fee of the club in 1997-98 was Rs. 1,700/- The current annual membership fee being Rs. 14,000/- to meet the expenses and increase in costs over the years.

The Club won the first leg of District Cricket Tournament and went on to play the finals in Kolhapur during the year 2001-02 under the captaincy of Rtn. Sandesh Parrikar.
  • In year 2002-03-our Rtn. Amit Majumdar won Chess Tournament at the All Goa Rotary Sports Meet.
  • In the year 2011-12, four Rotarians — Rtn. Harihar Phadke, Rtn. Anil Palekar, Rtn. Osmond Lobo and Rtn. Uday Sahasrabudhe attended The Rotary International Conference at Bangkok.
  • During the year 2011-12, the Club hosted the District Polio Meet along with RC Panjim Riviera.
1997-98 Rtn. Sadanand Sawant Rtn. Ravi Gupta Rtn. Anil Palekar
1998-99 Rtn. Subhash Gulati Rtn. Anuj Kumar Rtn. Anil Palekar
1999-00 Rtn. Cesar Costa Rtn. Lavina Fernandes Rtn. Hrishikesh Kamat
2000-01 Rtn. Ravi Gupta Rtn. Hrishikesh Kamat Rtn. Celine Cordeiro
2001-02 Rtn. Anil Palekar Rtn. K.V.S. Krishna Kumar Rtn. Benedict D’Costa
2002-03 Rtn. Lavina Fernandes Rtn. Srivallabh Sardessai Rtn. Dharmraj Bhonsle
2003-04 Rtn. K.V.S. Krishna Kumar Rtn. Dr. Rajan Kunkolienkar Rtn. Bhat
2004-05 Rtn. Amita Salatry Rtn. Santosh Kamat Rtn. S. Pai Kane
2005-06 Rtn. Srivallabh Sardessai Rtn. Guirish Sawant Rtn. Satish Rajmane
2006-07 Rtn. Dr. Rajan Kunkolienkar Rtn. Satish Rajmane Rtn. Rajan Naik
2007-08 Rtn. Santosh Kamat Rtn. Dharmaraj Bhonsle Rtn. Sandip Bharne
2008-09 Rtn. Guirish Sawant Rtn. Rajan Naik Rtn. Raghuvir Salkar
2009-10 Rtn. Satish Rajmane Rtn. Harihar Phadke Rtn. Jaiwant Belgaonkar
2010-11 Rtn. Rajan NaikRtn Rtn. Sham Kamat Rtn. Jeffrey Chagas Pereira
2011-12 Rtn. Harihar Phadke Rtn. Jeffrey Chagas Pereira Rtn. Gururaj Mangalore
2012-13 Rtn. Jaiwant Belgaonkar Rtn. Devanand Dhond Rtn. Dilip Borkar
2013-14 Rtn. Sham Kamat Rtn. Dinesh Tare Rtn. Nityanad Mahale
2014-15 Rtn. Jeffrey Chagas Rtn. Osmond Lobo Rtn. Nikhil Shah