Rotary Club Of Porvorim donated Eco Crematorium to Salai Panchayat , Porvorim in April 2019. It uses biomass briquettes as an alternative to firewood. The project not only saves trees but also money. Briquettes are basically hard bricks with the right mixture agri-waste such as cotton plant stalks, sawdust, groundnut shells etc . While 400 kilograms of firewood is required per cremation, less than 200 kilograms of briquettes can serve the purpose. An average sized body takes at least 4 to 5 hours to turn to ashes and hence family members can collect the ashes within 24 hours without having to wait for days. The ashes accumulate in a systematic and organized manner in a tray built under the container. The cremation using briquettes will cost Rs.1500 which is less than the current price of Rs.3000.

  • Contact Details
    1. Rtn Dilip Borkar (Chairman)
    (M) 9822183521
    2. Rtn Shephan Shaikh
    +91 - 84217 99991